Corrosion-Free Clips

Corrosion-Free Composite Inserts

Marketing Masters Clip Nuts, Self-Locking Fasteners and Composite Inserts

Marketing Masters, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of composite inserts and clip nuts. 

  • Marketing Masters' line of clip nuts are manufactured with the unique composite, Torlon®. Torlon® self-locking fasteners are considerably lighter and more corrosion resistant than aluminum, steel or titanium. Torlon® also will not scratch, has strength and stiffness up to 500°F and has the ability to withstand high torque loads.
  • Because Torlon® has superior properties, Marketing Masters' clip nuts and composite inserts are used extensively in honeycomb panel fasteners for the aerospace industry. Marketing Masters is the only manufacturer approved by the FAA to manufacture Torlon® self-locking fasteners and they are a standard for both Boeing and Airbus. Torlon® is also used in a myriad of applications in the electronic, transportation, process and heavy equipment industries.

  • We offer in-house expertise in design, prototyping, and equipment tooling, as well as high-speed production with automatic and/or manual subassemblies and secondary operations. Marketing Masters is AS9100 Rev. C and ISO 9001:2008 certified.

  • Our family of fasteners include:

Please refer to our on-line product catalog for our line of standard Torlon® inserts and clip nuts, or contact us today for a quote for your custom design or idea.