Installing a Press Fit Insert

Installation Video of the steps involved in attaching a Press-Fit insert into a honeycomb panel.

Installation Procedure.

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Press-Fit Inserts are one of two basic styles of inserts used in honeycomb sandwich panels. Our standard press-fit insert requires a 7/16" hole to be drilled in the panel and has a 7/8" diameter flange that will be glued to the panel skin. Marketing Masters' offers many different sizes of press-fit inserts to suit many different needs and panel thickness requirements.

Our Press-Fit inserts can be used anywhere a through hole fastener is desired, where very high load carrying capabilities are considered necessary and insert protrusion out of the panel is not a problem. In other words, the flanges of a press-fit inserts are glued to the top and bottom skins of the panel and are therefore not considered "flush" with the panel skins. In the figure below, the top flange incorporates a beveled edge, providing for a very low profile insert. A hole is drilled through the panel and the insert is placed into the hole where the plug and sleeve are pressed together. The flanges of the inserts are glued to the panel skin, providing a fixed through hole in the panel. Each press-fit insert is capable of carrying over a 2,000-lb load, depending on the panel type.

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