All Marketing Master’s clip nuts, press-fit inserts and potted-in inserts are made from a Composite material called Torlon®, our secret ingredient. Made from Solvay Advanced Polymers’ Torlon® is a high performance thermoplastic composite material, with the advantages of being corrosion-free, light weight, high strength, and less expensive than Stainless steel and titanium.


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What is Torlon® Engineered Composites.
What is high strength Torlon®,? What Industries and applications is Torlon® used? What is it made out of? How does it compare against other plastics and metal?
Benefits of Torlon® Engineered Composite Fasteners.
A breakdown of the many benefits of a Torlon® composite fasteners over metal fasteners: corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight, flame resistant, performs up to 500°F, is chromate free and less expensive.

Torlon® is Chromate Free.
Recent EPA and European Union regulations mandate that all clip nuts and fasteners for aircraft and other applications must be free of chromium and/or chromate. We take a look at why and how Marketing Masters’ Torlon® composite fasteners fully comply with the new regulations.

Torlon® Industry Approvals.
Torlon® engineering polymers have been successfully tested and approved by:
  • UL
  • FAA
  • MIL-Spec
  • NASA
  • SAE
  • AMS
  • Airbus
  • Bombardier
  • Boeing...

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