CSR General Sealant Removal

CSR-10 General Sealant Removal

CSR-10 Video

CSR Fastener Sealant Removal

CSR-05 Fastener Sealant Removal

CSR-05 Video
Get the affordable, durable CSR you need from Marketing Masters. Our Composite Sealant Remover (CSR) is a rotary cutter designed to remove sealant directly at the bond line. CSR is made from a durable Torlon® material. Remove sealant with no abrasions to metal or paint. CSR is safe to use on common protective coatings and structural materials for aerospace applications.
  • 1” diameter
  • Attach to rotary tools for efficient sealant removal
  • Resists substrate scratching
  • Reduces equipment wear and tear
  • Allows for longevity and durability when compared to plastic cutters

CSR-10 and CSR-05 Applications and Usage

Engage an edge of the sealant with the CSR-10 and allow the rotating action to cut through at the bond line.
  • To remove sealant around a fastener, use CSR-05 to engage an edge of the sealant and work toward and counter-clockwise around the fastener.
  • Allow the CSR to rotate/cut the sealant while gradually feeding the CSR without excessive force.
CSR series can be used with:
  • 1/4”-28 UNF
  • 1/4” collet
  • Drill chuck interfaces

Sealant Remover Controls Rotational Speed

CSR cuts by rotating in the clockwise direction.
  • Avoid heat buildup and control the CSR by operating it at 200-400 RPM.
  • Heat accelerates wear on the CSR. Due to this, the CSR may generate an odor.

Safety Information for Composite Sealant Remover

Read all safety information before using CSR-10.
  • Wear eye and ear protection
  • Wear face protection
  • Wear hand protection – CSR contains sharp edges
  • Avoid contact with flesh and/or clothing while the CSR is rotating
  • Avoid direct impact against hard objects while the CSR is rotating
  • Avoid excessive force when cutting into sealant material
  • Avoid unnecessary damage – Test and familiarize the CSR action against a similar surface before proceeding
1" dia. CSR-10
1" dia. CSR-10

Order Composite Sealant Remover Today

Marketing Masters offers Composite Sealant Removers that last longer than the typical plastic cutters at a lower cost. Contact Marketing Masters today to learn about the 1" CSR-10 in production. The next sizes will be available soon. We will eventually stock 1/2" CSR-05 and 3" CSR-30. Request a quote or contact us for more information.