Aircraft Fastener Standards & Regulations

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

The Federal Aviation Administration or FAA, is the regulating body for all aircraft in the United States and the better part of the world. In accordance with FAA regulations, all airplanes that fly in or to the US must submit to heavy checks (or “D checks”) at least once every eight years. These heavy checks essentially require that the entire plane be inspected and disassembled, and each and every part thoroughly examined for wear, damage, corrosion, or failure. Any parts or components that do not pass inspection must be repaired or replaced before the plane is allowed to fly again.

Marketing Masters’ manufacturing facility is FAA approved and certified to produce commercial and military aircraft parts. We also hold a number ofFAA-PMA certifications and Approvals. 

In some instances, FAA heavy checks can lead to very high repair costs. For example, following one floor inspection, a particular airline had to pay over $1 million just to replace seat tracks on a plane. The seat tracks were badly damaged from corrosion that started with scratches from metal fasteners. Marketing Masters’ composite clip nut was the solution to this problem with corrosion. To access a PDF of Marketing Masters' FAA-PMA, Parts Manufacture Approvals, Supplement No. 1-5, Click Here.

Airline & Aircraft OEM Standards

  Clip Nuts Design engineer checks the tolerance of a press-fit insert for quality control.

Because the airlines who own the planes must foot the bill for repairs and replacement parts following FAA heavy checks, these companies often mandate that aircraft OEMs use certain composite parts and components in constructing their airplanes. To eliminate the harmful corrosion that can lead to expensive repairs, many airlines, and, in turn, aircraft OEMs, have designated Marketing Masters’ aircraft fasteners—including composite clip nuts and inserts—as standard parts on all their planes.

Marketing Master Replaces Metal Fasteners

Our composite fasteners deliver outstanding strength, are lighter than titanium, chromium free and are less expensive. Marketing Masters’ composite clip nuts are the OEM fastener standards and are approved replacements for common clip nut part numbers made from metal for Boeing BACN11AL, Airbus EN6131, Bombardier B0204074, Mitsubishi 1602MAS, and many others.

For strong, non-corrosive, light weight & less expensive composite clip nuts, and inserts, Contact us OR Request a Quote today.