Composite Potted-In Inserts

Composite Potted-In Inserts are used to attach and fasten honeycomb sandwich structures. These are commonly referred to as "Wall Panel Inserts" or "Floating Inserts" because they are widely used in aircraft walls and stowage bins to fasten panels to each other and to the aircraft structure. However, potted inserts can be used anywhere a fastener is desired, particularly where blind holes that do not pass all the way through the panel are needed or where inserts must be "flush" with the panel skin. Once the hole is drilled and insert installed, adhesive bonding is added to hold it in place.
Made from a high-tech composite thermoplastic, our inserts are corrosion free, light weight, high strength and low cost. Contact us for more information regarding our premium high-strength composite fasteners and composite clip nuts, or call us at 425-454-5610 and we will gladly assist you with your composite potted-in insert questions. Marketing Masters is your trusted source for light weight, non-corrosive composite fasteners and clip nuts.

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Torlon® Composite Potted-In Insert Advantages

Thermoplastic composite potted-in inserts are manufactured from advanced Torlon® material that provides increased strength, a light weight and corrosion-free structure, and a lower cost than stainless steel and titanium. Torlon® non-corrosive engineering polymers have been successfully tested and approved by:
Military  Aerospace  Aircraft 
UL NASA Boeing
FAA SAE Airbus
MIL-Spec AMS Bombardier

Composite Insert, Fastener & Clip Nut Industrial Applications

Marketing Master’s Composite Potted-In Inserts provide increased support and structure for industrial applications throughout the world. Our composite fasteners and composite clip nuts are strong, non-corrosive, and less expensive than metal inserts. Common applications include:
  • Aircraft floor panels
  • Semi-truck wall panels
  • Satellite nose cones
  • General assemblies
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Composite Potted-In Inserts and The National Aerospace Standards

The National Aerospace Standards were established to ensure that all components meet and exceed quality and performance standards. Marketing Masters' AEP 1033, 1034, 1035 and 1036 series potted-in inserts, are your composite alternative to the old NAS Standard for metal inserts NAS 1833, 1834, 1835 and 1836.


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Contact us for more information regarding our advanced quality, light weight Torlon® composite fasteners and clip nuts, or request a quote for further pricing details today. Marketing Masters is your legitimate source for premium quality thermoplastic composite potted-in inserts.