Torlon® is a unique, high performance thermoplastic composite material designed to handle even the toughest jobs. If your application requires reliable performance and strength at high temperatures and wear, and the economic advantages of injection molding, Torlon® can solve your design problems. High-Strength Torlon® Clip Nuts & Fasteners

Marketing Masters’ corrosion-free clip nuts and non-metallic fasteners are made from Solvay Advanced Polymers’ unique Torlon® engineering polymer. This innovative, high-strength composite material—also known as polyamide-imide (PAI)—is injection molded to create a wide variety of precision parts for use in numerous industries. From components in NASA space shuttles to engine parts in world-class race cars to myriad other applications, Torlon® can meet the design challenges of nearly any application.

Torlon Composite Material

Torlon® resin is not just another plastic, but a unique chemical combination that outperforms all but the most exotic composites and polymers. Torlon® is the only polymer that provides all these advantages: strength comparable with metal across an extraordinary temperature range, toughness and modulus far greater than most polymers, FAA flammability test approval, and resistance to aviation fluids such as MEK, Tric 1,1,1 and Skydrol® hydraulic fluid.

How Torlon® Compares with Similar Materials

Torlon® polyamide-imide replaces metal when other plastics can’t

Few plastics are tough enough to replace metal. But Torlon® non-metallic fasteners have been exceptionally successful in applications considered too severe for other plastics.

Replacing metal with Torlon® composite material opens low-cost fabrication options such as injection molding. Mechanical efficiency, gained from lighter moving parts, conserves energy. Vibration and noise are reduced, and rust is eliminated.

Clip Nuts
Chemical Structure of Torlon®

Most engineering plastics are not in the same league

The strength, stiffness, and maximum service temperature of fasteners made from other engineering plastics fall far short of Torlon® non-metallic fasteners. While these plastics are good enough for many applications, choose Torlon® engineered composite when a substantial margin of performance is needed.

Clip Nuts      Clip Nuts
Tensile Strengths of Engineering Resins   Flexural Strengths of Engineering Resins

Torlon® fills a unique niche among high-performance engineering materials

Consider Torlon® polymers first if strength, stiffness, and high temperature resistance are necessary to your application. When a combination of these properties is critical, Torlon® polyamide-imide outperforms polyethersulfone, polyetherimide, polyphenylene sulfide, and polyetheretherketone.

On a per-pound basis, Torlon® composite fasteners may cost a bit more than fasteners made from some of these comparable resins. But for that extra margin of performance, strength, and reliability, specify Torlon® engineering composite.

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