Airline Fasteners & Clip Nuts

  • FAA-PMA Certification

Aircraft clip nuts are designed and manufactured to be clipped into sheet metal and can be used for a wide range of applications. Clip nuts are available in numerous sizes and styles and maintain features that are unique to each clip type. Airline fasteners and aircraft clip nuts can be installed on any type of edge and are ideal for structural and non-structural metal, composite or plastic applications.
Marketing Masters’ airbus clip nuts and fasteners provide a low-cost clip alternative to costlier options that require clinching, staking or riveting. Our clip nuts operate on a simple premise of removal and replacement. Once a damaged clip nut needs replacing it is easily slipped off and replaced, without the need for expensive deinstallation of numerous parts.
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Aircraft Clip Nut Advantages

Airline fasteners and clip nuts abide by FAA approved safety regulations, while providing a simpler and less expensive way to secure a bevy of items within the plane structure. Some of the other benefits associated with clip nuts, include:
  • Completely self-locking
  • High-strength and low-profile design
  • Numerous standard and metric thread sizes
  • Several different materials and finishes
  • Unique geometries for odd angles and thickness requirements

FAA-PMA Certifications Regarding Airline Fasteners

The Federal Aviation Administration or FAA is the regulating body for all aircraft in the United States and most of the world. In accordance with FAA regulations, all airplanes that fly in or to the US must submit to heavy checks (or “D checks”) at least once every eight years. These heavy checks essentially require that the entire plane is inspected and disassembled, including a thorough examination of every part of the plane to check for wear, damage, corrosion, or failure. Any parts or components that do not pass inspection must be repaired or replaced before the plane can fly again.
In some instances, FAA heavy checks can lead to very high repair costs. For example, following one-floor inspection, an airline had to pay over $1 million just to replace seat tracks on a plane. The seat tracks were badly damaged from corrosion that started with scratches from metal fasteners. To combat the corrosion problem that this airline faced, Marketing Masters’ implemented composite clip nut installation throughout the plane. To access a PDF of Marketing Masters' FAA-PMA, Parts Manufacture Approvals, Supplement No. 1-5, click here.
Marketing Masters’ manufacturing facility is FAA approved and certified to produce commercial and military aircraft clip nuts, fasteners and parts. We also hold a number of FAA-PMA Certifications and Approvals. For strong, non-corrosive, lightweight & less expensive composite clip nuts and inserts contact us OR request a quote today.

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