How to Install Airline Clip Nuts

In this example, we are installing a Marketing Masters’ clip nut on a commercial airline seat track. The clip nuts are used as attachment points where a honeycomb floor panel with press-fit inserts is attached. 

Step 1

How to Install Airline Clip Nuts

Drill a hole into your seat track. The seat track is the structure which runs down the center of the airplane and where you attach the honeycomb floor panel.

Step 2

How to Install Airline Clip Nuts

Marketing Masters’ clip nuts are manufactured from engineered composite plastic, are spring loaded and employ a lead in angle, making it easier to slip the clip nut onto a structure’s edge.

Step 3

How to Install Airline Clip Nuts

To install the clip nut, simply slide it onto the edge of the seat track, until it locks into place. Since our spring loaded clip nuts have an eyelet, they snap into the installation hole, securely holding
them in place on the structure.

Step 4

How to Install Airline Clip Nuts

Now you are ready to install a floor panel, bypassing a fastener through the press fit insert on the floor panel and into the clip nut on the seat track. Repeat the process, as floor panels rest on both sides of the seat track.

Available in Various Sizes

Marketing Masters' Torlon® clip nuts are available in various length and thread size combinations to fit a wide range of edge distance and panel thickness requirements. This offers you enormous design flexibility over a variety of different applications. What's more, our corrosion-free composite clip nuts are easier to install than traditional metal clip nuts. MM offers the world’s largest selection of composite clip nuts, with a product line that is unmatched in the industry. For more information, visit our clip nut catalog.

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