General Use Clipnuts

Marketing Masters’ General Use Composite Clip Nuts are used throughout a wide variety of industries, including transportation, electronics, recreation, construction and general industry applications. Our general use clipnuts include the MM4001 and MM4002 clip nut style.  

Industry Uses: MM4001 and MM4002 Clip Nuts

As a composite clip nut and aircraft fastener manufacturer, we work with a wide variety of industries. For OEMs, especially for the aerospace industry, lightweight components that are also strong and durable enough to withstand space travel. Aircraft fasteners also need to be lightweight and offer versatility for multiple uses for aircraft applications.

Composite Clip Nut Advantages

Replacing metal clip nuts, Marketing Masters' composite clip nuts are injection molded from Torlon® Composite Thermoplastic. These composite clip nuts will not scratch or corrode and will withstand extremely high torque loads. Additional benefits include that they are light weight and low cost. Available in various standard length and thread sizes or manufactured custom to your specifications.


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With extensive experience with the airline and aerospace industries, Marketing Masters has the right advanced engineering products for your fastener and clip nut needs. For strong, non-corrosive, light-weight composite clip nuts and inserts, contact us or request a quote today.