Aircraft & Aerospace Fasteners Catalogs

Marketing Masters' complete line of composite clip nuts, press-fit inserts and potted-in inserts, broken down by part number, their specifications, with links to 2D Specification Drawings & 3D CAD Drawings.

Clip Nuts


Clip nuts are a type of fastener that allow you to quickly and easily mount parts and material, like securing flooring or interior trim in an airplane. Composite clip nuts are replacing old stainless and titanium style clip nuts, based on non-corrosion, strength, lighter weight and less cost.

Press Fit Inserts


Composite plug and sleeve Press Fit Inserts are often use in honeycomb sandwich structures, like a typical floor panel. They are installed from both sides of the panel and require adhesive bonding of plug and sleeve to panel face skins.

Potted In Inserts


Composite Potted-In Inserts are also used with honeycomb panels. The fasteners are molded into place by injecting epoxy resin, thereby bonding the insert. The core and face skins become one rigid unit. We carry four different styles of Potted-In Inserts to choose from.

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