Aerospace Grade Composite Fasteners

  • Satellite Press Fit Insert

The current cost of sending something into space breaks down to roughly $1,000 per gram, so it’s important for aerospace OEMs to cut weight wherever possible. Aerospace OEMs who build spacecraft, satellites, and rockets need components that are lightweight, but still durable enough to withstand the rigors of space travel.

Marketing Masters’ composite clip nuts, press-fit inserts, and potted-in inserts provide the strength aerospace OEMs need at significantly reduced weight compared to other materials. We manufacturer fasteners out of an engineered composite material called Torlon®, a unique, lightweight, high strength composite material. Because of the many benefits of Composites, our clip nuts and inserts are currently replacing many fasteners made of aluminum, titanium and stainless steel, traditionally used in the Aerospace Industry.

Torlon® is...

  • 50% lighter than Aluminum
  • 69% lighter than Titanium
  • 83% lighter than Stainless Steel

Extrapolated across the thousands of fasteners, clip nuts, and inserts that go into building space-faring vessels, Marketing Masters’ Composite Fasteners will reduce the total weight by pounds, not just grams. When you add that our fasteners are also less expensive, the savings really start to add up.

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