• Composite Press Fit Inserts
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Composite Press-Fit Inserts

Marketing Masters’ composite press fit inserts are used to attach and fasten honeycomb sandwich structures, such as airline floor panels. These composite inserts are commonly referred to as “floor panel inserts” because they are widely used in aircraft manufacturing to fasten floor panels to the aircraft structure. However, they can be used anywhere through hole fasteners with high load carrying capabilities are required.
Each Marketing Masters composite insert is capable of carrying a more than 2,000 lb. load, depending on the panel type. Made from Torlon® a high-tech composite thermoplastic (see below), our inserts are corrosion free, light weight, high strength and low cost. Request a quote on press fit inserts or contact us to learn more.

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2D Specification Drawings

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Marketing Masters’ composite press-fit inserts are found everywhere, from aircraft floor panels to wall panel on semi-trucks to satellite nose cones, general assemblies, and much, much more.

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Marketing Masters Press Fit Inserts

Advantages over Metal Inserts

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Reduced weight
  • High strength
  • Less expensive

What is Torlon®?

Manufactured by Solvay Advanced Polymers, Torlon® is a high strength, lightweight thermoplastic material. It delivers reliable performance in challenging conditions and at extreme temperatures. And, because it’s a plastic material, Torlon® is 100% corrosion-free.

Composite Insert Specs, Styles & Approvals

We offer floor panel inserts in many different sizes to accommodate your panel fastener thickness requirements. To find the correct inserts for your application, specify the:
  • Bolt countersink dimensions
  • Panel thickness/length
  • Thru-hole diameter
Marketing Masters’ composite inserts are standard fasteners for every major aircraft OEM. We offer: All our composite inserts are AS 9100 certified, ISO 9001:2015 certified, and FAA/PMA approved

Installing Composite Press-Fit Inserts

Our Torlon press fit inserts are designed for easy installation. They are installed from both sides of the panel, with adhesive bonding required to secure the plug and sleeve to panel face skins.

Press Fit Inserts for Aviation Applications

Major aircraft OEMs throughout the industry use Marketing Masters’ floor panel inserts when building their airplanes. With exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, and weighing half as much as aluminum and 83% less than stainless steel, Torlon® floor panel inserts can significantly reduce weight without sacrificing performance.

Press Fit Inserts for Aerospace Manufacturing

When you’re sending spacecraft, satellites, or other devices into space, every ounce counts. Our composite press-fit inserts provide a substantial weight reduction, while still being durable enough to withstand the rigors of space travel. Aerospace OEMs count on Marketing Masters’ composite inserts for superior performance in the most demanding applications.

Contact Us for Composite Inserts

If you need strong, lightweight, corrosion resistant, and cost-effective press fit inserts, you need Marketing Masters’ Torlon® composite inserts. Request a quote or contact us for more information.