Potted-In Insert Styles, Specifications & Approvals

Composite Potted-In Inserts are used to attach and fasten honeycomb sandwich structures. These are commonly referred to as "Wall Panel Inserts" or "Floating Inserts" because they are widely used in aircraft walls and stowage bins to fasten panels to the aircraft structure. However, potted inserts can be used anywhere a fastener is desired, particularly where blind holes that do not pass all the way through the panel are needed or where inserts must be "flush" with the panel skin. Once the hole is drilled and insert installed, epoxy resin is injected, thereby bonding the insert in place. The core and face skins become one rigid unit.

Made from a high-tech composite thermoplastic, our inserts are corrosion free, light weight, high strength, and low cost. When it comes to composite fasteners, Marketing Masters is the standard for every major airline OEM.

Potted-In Inserts: Styles

Marketing Masters' offers 4 different styles of potted-in inserts to choose from, each with a full range of sizes to suit many different needs and panel thickness requirements. Our fastener catalog contains product descriptions, specifications, and CAD Drawings on our complete line of potted-in inserts. When it comes to composite fasteners, Marketing Masters is the standard for every major airline OEM.

Learn more on each OEM's line of Marketing Masters' Potted-In Inserts Standards below:

Wall Panel Inserts: Specs & Descriptions

This is an example of our 2D Specification drawing for our Thru Threaded Potted-In Insert – AEP 1033. For this insert, it identifies the 3 most important features when specifying a potted-in insert, the thickness of the honeycomb panel, the installation hole size drilled into the honeycomb panel and the thru thread size, which is the thread of the bolt that will be used to attach the insert.To access our library of 2D Specification drawings on our line of composite clip nuts, press-fit inserts and potted-in inserts, click here.  

Thru Threaded Potted-In Insert -AEP1033
L - Panel thickness = Insert Length
A - Installation hole size
T - Thru thread size

Clip Nuts

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