Thru Threaded Potted-In Inserts - AEP1033 (NAS 1833 Style)

  • Commonly referred to as "Wall Panel Inserts" because they are widely used in aircraft walls and stowage bins to fasten honeycomb panels to each other and to the aircraft structure.
  • Can be used anywhere a fastener is desired, particularly where blind holes that do not pass all the way through the panel are needed or where inserts must be "flush" with the panel skin.
  • Marketing Masters' composite potted-in inserts with unique flow control veins, prevents air pockets, outperforming metal inserts.
  • Marketing Masters AEP1033 Potted-In Thru Threaded Insert, includes seven standard part numbers: AEP1033-04, AEP1033-06, AEP1033-08, AEP1033-3, AEP1033-4, AEP1033-5, AEP1033-6.
  • Potted-In Inserts Styles, Specs and Approvals page. 
  • Potted-In Inserts 2D Specification Drawings, including a part number legend with attributes.
  • Installation Video.

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