Aircraft Fastener Quality Certifications

For over 35 years, Marketing Masters has been manufacturing composite clip nuts and inserts which provide exceptional strength and unparalleled quality. Our products meet a wide range of general and industry-specific quality standards including...


Aircraft OEMs
Marketing Masters' composite fasteners, clip nuts, and inserts are the standard for the world's leading Aircraft OEMs, including...

Clip Nuts

Boeing Performance / Gold Level. Marketing Masters is a recipient of the Boeing Performance Excellence Award / Gold Level. Boeing’s quality standards are some of the highest in the industry, and they present this award only to manufacturers who provide top quality products, with zero rejections, and 100% on-time deliveries. We maintain this high level of performance over millions of parts per year.


Commercial Airlines
Marketing Masters also supplies every commercial airline in the world with their composite clip nuts and fasteners, for the maintenance and refurbishment of their fleet of planes, including...

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Clip Nuts Clip Nuts Clip Nuts Clip Nuts

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