Based near Seattle in Issaquah, Washington, Marketing Masters is a leading OEM of composite clip nuts, press-fit inserts, and potted-in inserts for aircraft, aerospace and many other industries.

Marketing Masters' history began in the aerospace industry. Our advanced engineered products are used by many major domestic and international commercial airlines, aerospace OEMs, prime contractors, suppliers, and MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) providers. These companies use our unique Torlon® composite clip nuts and fasteners to replace traditional metal fasteners and clips in a number of applications, including seat tracks, airframe structures, and honeycomb sandwich wall and floor panels in commercial aircrafts.

Today, we have expanded well beyond aerospace. Our Torlon® composite clip nuts and inserts are used in a wide variety of industries around the world, including electronics, construction, transportation and recreation, particularly boats and RVs.

Because we use Torlon® Composites exclusively as our manufacturing material, our clip nuts and inserts provide a number of advantages over similar products made from steel or titanium. Marketing Masters' Torlon components are stronger and lighter than metal ones, and thanks to greater corrosion and chemical resistance, they need to be replaced less often, saving money in repair costs. Our composite clip nuts and composite inserts are also less expensive, making them the most economic choice available.

Due to the complexity of molding and curing Torlon®, very few companies have the knowledge, experience, or capabilities to work with this unique material like Marketing Masters. Composites has replaced steel and titanium to become the new material standard.

Composite Aircraft Fasteners Preparing Torlon® for the injection molding machines.
Composite Fastener Manufacturers Automated Assembly - insertion of nuts into clip nuts
Fasteners Aerospace Manual insertion of nuts into clip nuts.
Dial Indicator Quality Control Quality Control. Checking dimensions and tolerances with a dial indicator.

Our business originally operated as two separate companies: Advanced Engineered Products (AEP) and Marketing Masters. In September 2002, the companies merged into Marketing Masters as we know it today. We continue to use AEP part numbers to identify many of our products.

Clip Nuts
Manufacturing and corporate offices in Issaquah. 

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