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Marketing Masters Supports Cal Poly Formula One Racing Team

July 28, 2015
Marketing Masters has been a proud sponsor of the California Polytechnic State University's Formula One Racing Team for several years, supplying them with a cross section of their light weight composite clip nuts, press fit inserts and potted-in inserts. View full Press Release

Marketing Masters is 2012 Innovator of the Year Dec, 28th, 2012
Marketing Masters is awarded the 2012 Innovator of the Year, due to the many advantages of using their Composite Fasteners over traditional Metal Fasteners in the building of Aircraft. View full Press Release
Torlon® Fasteners Reduce Maintenance in Airline Industry Sept. 3rd, 2012
High Strength, Light Weight, Non-Corrosive and Chromium Free MM Composite Fasteners' reduce maintenance costs in Airlines Industry. View full Press Release
Marketing Masters Fasteners are Chromium Free Aug. 17th, 2012
Marketing Masters' Chromium and Chromate-Free Composite Fasteners meet all FAA & European Union Regulation 2014 Mandates. View full Press Release
Composite Clip Nuts offer many benefits. Aug. 9th, 2012
Clip Nut Fasteners made with Torlon® Composite will not scratch or corrode, offering many benefits to Aircraft, Aerospace, Train & Ship Builders. View full Press Release
Composite Clip Nuts: Highest performance at the lowest cost Nov. 27th, 2007
Non-Metallic MM Composite Clip Nuts will not scratch or corrode, making it the ultimate performance fastener, at the lowest cost. View full Press Release


Marketing Masters Ascends to Aerospace Stratosphere March 13th, 2012
Marketing Masters creates inserts & fasteners from Torlon®, a substance lighter, cheaper and more resistant to corrosion than the titanium used in earlier generation aircraft fasteners. View full News Article
Issaquah's Marketing Masters Soar Sky-High March 1st, 2012
Marketing Masters, a designer and manufacture of composite inserts and clip nuts found in every Boeing and Airbus plane. View full News Article

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