Military Grade Composite Fasteners

The U.S. military uses a wide range of aircraft for its daily operations. Marketing Masters’ composite clip nuts, press-fit inserts, and potted-in inserts are used throughout today’s military’s fighter jets, refueling tankers, UAVs (drones), personnel transports, blimps and more.

Aircraft OEMs and maintenance and repair crews need strong, durable components. The lighter weight they are, the better! Marketing Masters manufactures Mil-Spec composite clip nuts, press-fit inserts and potted-in inserts that offer high strength, excellent wear resistance, and are exceptionally lightweight.

  Clip Nuts  


Our military fasteners, inserts, and clip nuts are made from Torlon®, a unique composite material that has an incredible strength to weight ratio.

Torlon® is...

  • 50% lighter than Aluminum
  • 69% lighter than Titanium
  • 83% lighter than Stainless Steel

This weight savings adds up to a considerable amount when compounded throughout the thousands of fasteners, inserts, and clip nuts that go into building, repairing, and refurbishing aircraft. Torlon® products can offer strength comparable to steel, high-temperature resistance, and chemical resistance against aviation fluids such as MEK and Tric 1,1,1.

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