Commonly referred to as a floor panel inserts, press fit inserts are used throughout Airbus’s fleet of aircraft, including the Airbus -375 and Airbus -500 size. Airbus press fit inserts are designed and manufactured to specifically fit Airbus floor panels and are used to secure flooring to the aircraft.

At Marketing Masters, we offer several different sizes and styles of Airbus press-fit inserts to suit your custom specifications and aircraft panel fastener thickness requirements. Our Airbus Press Fit Inserts are available in two styles that incorporate separate part number configurations.

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Airbus Floor Panel Insert Advantages

Airbus press in inserts can be used anywhere a through hole fastener is desired, where very high load carrying capabilities are considered necessary. The flanges of a press-fit insert are glued to the top and bottom skins of the honeycomb panel, in contrast to a potted-in insert which is flush. Benefits include:
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • Advanced corrosion protection
  • Lightweight
  • Does not scratch
  • Handles high torque loads

Airbus Press Fit Insert Style Options

The Airbus Style Press Fit Inserts are available in two styles. Each Airbus press fit option has its own subcategory of styles that incorporate separate part number configurations. Airbus press fit inserts are available in the following styles:
The individual part numbers are broken up into plugs - "3P" and their corresponding sleeves - "3S." The following number represents the thickness of the panel in inches.

Airbus Press Fit Insert Additional Resources

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