General Use Press-Fit Floor Panel Inserts

​Commonly referred to as a "floor panel insert,” a press-fit insert is perfect for fastening components for a variety of applications. A press-fit insert can be used anywhere a through hole fastener is desired or where high load carrying capabilities are necessary.

As a structural component of aircraft, floor paneling must withstand the harsh environmental demands of aircraft operation. Honeycomb panels should be secured with a lightweight honeycomb fastener that provides the durability and strength needed for optimal performance.

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Floor Panel Insert Properties

Floor panel inserts have a flange glued to the top and bottom skins of the honeycomb panel.  
  • The individual part numbers are broken up into plugs
    • "3P" and their corresponding sleeves, "3S".
    • The next number represents the thickness of the panel in inches.
    • If there is no number, the insert is a .400, our most popular General Use style press-fit insert.

Press-Fit Insert Fastener Specification Information

High-Performance, High-Quality Press-Fit inserts

Marketing Masters’ quality control efforts include the following certifications and approvals:

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