McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Press-fit Inserts

  • Designed and manufactured to fit McDonnell Douglas floor panels. Commonly referred to as a "floor panel insert", they are used throughout McDonnell Douglas’s fleet of aircraft, from securing flooring to installing decorative trim.
  • Can be used anywhere a through hole fastener is desired, where very high load carrying capabilities are considered necessary and insert protrusion out of the panel is not a problem. The flanges of a press-fit insert are glued to the top and bottom skins of the honeycomb panel, in contrast to a potted-in insert which is flush.
  • The McDonnell Douglas Style Press Fit Inserts GAA588MD, includes 8 McDonnell Douglas part numbers:  G2001MD-3PG2002MD-3S, 9D0213-3P, 9D0213-3SG2001BRF-3P-300G2002BRF-3S-300, 9D0317-3P and 9D0317-3S.
  • The individual part numbers are broken up into plugs- "3P" and their corresponding sleeves- "3S". The next number represents the thickness of the panel in inches. If there is no number, the insert is a .400, our most popular McDonnell Douglas style press-fit insert."  
  • Press-Fit Styles, Specs and Approvals page, Click here
  • Press Fit Inserts 2D Specification Drawings, including a part number legend with attributes, Click here
  • Press-Fit Installation Video. Click here

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