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  • Designed and manufactured specifically for Boeing, the BACN11AL composite clip nuts are used throughout Boeing’s fleet of aircraft, from securing flooring to installing decorative trim.
  • Boeing designated Marketing Masters' Torlon® composite clip nuts as BACN11AL the NEW Standard in 2003, replacing the old Boeing Metal Standards: BACN10YD, BACN11K, BACN10VR.
  • Marketing Masters is a proud recipient of the Boeing Performance Excellence Award - Gold level, given only to those suppliers who provide top quality products with zero rejections and 100% on-time deliveries.
  • The Boeing Clip Nut Standard BACN11AL, includes the following 4 individual Boeing part numbers. BACN11AL1, BACN11AL1CM, BACN11AL2, BACN11AL2CM
  • Clip Nut Styles, Specs and Approvals page
  • Clip Nut 2D Specification Drawings, including a part number legend with attributes
  • Clip Nut Installation Video

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