Clip Nuts for Mitsubishi Aircraft – 1602MAS

​Engineered and manufactured specifically for Mitsubishi as the standard, Marketing Masters’ 1602MAS Clip nuts are used throughout Mitsubishis’ current fleet of aircraft. From securing floor panels to fastening seat tracks, our composite aircraft clip nuts are ideal for all your Mitsubishi aircraft component needs.

1602 MAS Clip Nut Industry Uses

With corrosion being a problematic cause for concern, metal clip nuts can lead to unwanted and untimely expensive repairs. Due to the form and function of clip nuts, the need to keep scratches and other abrasions from forming warrants the use of non-metal clip nuts. Our Torlon composite clip nuts are a high-performance alternative to traditional metal clip nuts. Ideal for keeping costs down and efficiency up.

Torlon Clip Nut Advantages

Our Torlon composite clip nuts are comprised of a high-strength injection-molded material. Compared to metal clip nuts, Torlon provides the following advantages:
  • Extraordinary strength across various temperature ranges
  • Greater toughness than regular polymers
  • FAA flammability test approved
  • Aviation fluid resistance

Mitsubishi Aircraft Clip Nuts Specifications

The Mitsubishi Clip Nut Standard 1602MAS includes the following 12 individual Mitsubishi part numbers: 


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