Bombardier Clip Nuts - B0204074 & B0204078

  • Bombardier Aerospace

​Manufactured and designed explicitly for Bombardier aircraft, the B0204074 & B0204078 composite clip nuts are essential components for Bombardier’s current fleet of aircraft. Ideal for Bombardier specialized aircraft, these clip nuts offer a high-performance alternative to traditional metal clip nuts. Our clip nuts are available in different thread size combinations and lengths. Bombardier clip nuts are part of the Bombardier B0204074 and Bombardier B0204078 clip nut standard.

Industry Uses for Bombardier Clip Nuts

Bombardier designated Marketing Masters' Torlon® composite clip nuts as their Standard. The Bombardier Clip Nut Standard:

B0204074 & B0204078 Advantages

Our Torlon® composite clip nuts offer you a cost-effective, efficient alternative to metal clip nuts. Other Bombardier clip nut advantages include:
  • Corrosion-free
  • High-strength
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Chemical resistant
  • Flame resistant


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With decades of aerospace experience, Marketing Masters has been a trusted OEM throughout the aerospace industry. Our Bombardier B0204074 and Bombardier B0204078 clip nuts offer you the value and exceptional versatility needed in high-performance clip nuts.  Contact us or Request a Quote today.