Airbus Clip Nuts - EN6131

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Designed and manufactured as the Airbus standard for all Airbus airplanes, Marketing Masters’ EN6131 Clip nuts are used throughout Airbus’ Fleet of Aircraft. From securing flooring to installing decorative trim, the EN6131 clip nuts are a versatile alternative to metal fasteners. Our Airbus clip nuts are EPA compliant, offering you a chromate-free fastener option for easy mounting and installation of airplane components and materials.

Industry Uses for Airbus Clip Nuts

Airbus designated Marketing Masters' Torlon® composite clip nuts EN6131 as the NEW Standard in 2002, replacing the old Airbus Metal Standard ABS0365. The Airbus Clip Nut Standard EN6131 includes the following 14 individual Airbus part numbers:

EN6131 Advantages

Made of Torlon® resin, these injection-molded composite clip nuts include the following advantages:
  • Lightweight
  • Non-corrosive
  • Chromium free
  • Chemical-resistant
  • High-performance
  • Less expensive than metal clip nuts


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As a leading OEM of composite clip nuts, Marketing Masters’ advanced engineered products have been used in the aerospace industry for many decades. Our Airbus clip nuts offer the value and reliability you need in an Airbus clip nut.
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