Boeing Clip Nut Fasteners - BACN11AL

Marketing Masters’ composite clip nuts have many advantages over old style metal fasteners, including that they are lighter, non-corrosive, chromium free and less expensive. Injection molded from a high-tech composite thermoplastic called Torlon®, Marketing Masters’ Clip Nuts are used to quickly and easily mount and install parts, components and materials throughout an airplane. 

The New Boeing Clip Nut Standard BACN11AL. For these reasons in 2003, Boeing designated Marketing Masters' Torlon® composite clip nuts as the NEW Boeing Clip Nut Standard - BACN11AL. Marketing Masters is currently the manufacturer and supplier of composite clip nuts in the construction of all Boeing Airplanes.

Marketing Masters Torlon® clip nuts are also OEM-approved replacements for other common part numbers. Marketing Masters' Clip nuts are used in applications such as securing flooring and interior trim. These clip nuts can be installed from the edge of a structure or through a rectangular cutout. All Marketing Masters' Boeing clip nuts are compliant with the new EPA mandate that all parts included on an airplane, including all fasteners, must be Chromium and Chromate Free.

Marketing Masters' Clip Nut Catalog. Marketing Masters manufacturers 4 Boeing standard clip nuts, of varying length and thread sizes. Click here to go to a breakdown of Boeing’s 4 Standard clip nuts. This includes their individual specifications, including the minimum and maximum size of the panel, nut thread size, nut material type, edge margin and clip width. For more information on each individual part number, including photos, 2D and 3D CAD drawings, click on the specific Boeing clip nuts part number.  

Old Boeing Clip Nuts. Marketing Masters Clip Nuts replace these old Boeing Metal Standards.

Clip Nuts
Old Boeing Std. Clip Material Nut Material
BACN10YD Alloy Steel Alloy Steel
BACN11K Alloy Steel Cres.
BACN10VR Titanium Cres.

Clip Nut Installation Video. Click here to link to a video of the Installation of a Marketing Masters’ clip nut on a commercial airline seat track. The clip nut is used as an attachment point, where a honeycomb floor panel  with press fit inserts is attached.

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