Press-Fit Inserts for Honeycomb Floor Panels

Aircraft flooring is made from honeycomb panels, which are attached to the aircraft using hundreds of fasteners. The press-fit plug and sleeve style inserts are commonly referred to as "Floor Panel Inserts" because they are widely used in aircraft flooring to fasten the panels to the aircraft structure. They are installed from both sides of the panel and require adhesive bonding of plug and sleeve to panel face skins. However, they can be used anywhere a through hole fastener is desired, where very high load carrying capabilities are considered necessary and insert protrusion out of the panel is not a problem. Each press-fit insert is capable of carrying over a 2,000-lb load, depending on the panel type.

Advantages to using Marketing Masters' Composite Press-Fit Inserts.

Airline manufacturers like Airbus & Boeing have found a number of unique advantages to using Marketing Masters' Composite Press-Fit Floor Panel Inserts

  • Corrosion Free. Made from a high-tech composite thermoplastic called Torlon, our inserts are corrosion free.  
  • High Strength. Torlon® exhibits outstanding mechanical strength and durability, giving our fasteners the ability to withstand extremely high torque loads.  
  • Lighter Weight. Manufactured from Torlon® are considerably lighter than metal fasteners. Torlon® is 69% lighter than titanium and 50% lighter than aluminum.
  • Less Expensive. Composite inserts are less expensive than fasteners made from titanium, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Chromate Free. Marketing Masters meet all EPA and European Union regulations, which mandates that all fasteners for aircraft and other applications must be free of chromium and/or chromate.
  • Chemical Resistance. A Torlon® composite fastener made with polyamide-imide, is virtually unaffected by aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons, and most acids at moderate temperatures.
  • Flame Resistant. Our composite fasteners pass FAA burn tests and meet stringent aerospace requirements in tests for flammability, smoke density, and toxic gas emission. Torlon® is used extensively in applications where flammability is a critical consideration.
  • Performance Up to 500°F At high temperatures, Torlon® is stiffer and stronger than many similar high performance materials are at room temperature. It can be used at temperatures well beyond the limits of most other high performance plastics.

Easy -Three-Step Installation.

Just three easy steps to install a press-fit insert. Drill a hole in the honeycomb panel, place adhesive around the hole, then you press the two ends of the press-fit insert together. For more information and a how-to video on installing an airline Press-Fit floor panel Insert, click here.

Many Industries & Applications. Marketing Master Press Fit Inserts are found everywhere, from the floor panels of an aircraft, to the wall panel on semi-trucks, satellite nose cones, general assemblies and much, much more. For more information on the advantages of Marketing Masters' Composite Press-Fit Floor Panel Inserts, contact Marketing Masters today.