Why Choose Composite Clip Nuts?

Why Airlines have REPLACED Metal Clip Nuts with Composite Clip Nuts

It doesn’t take much to cause corrosion. In fact, a single scratch on an airplane’s seat track can lead to corrosion and expensive repairs. At Marketing Masters, we designed our Torlon composite Clip Nuts to eliminate scratches and prevent corrosion on airplanes, commuter trains and other vehicles. Leading manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus rely on Marketing Masters' composite Clip Nuts to keep costs down and maximize efficiency.

In fact, the airline manufacturers have found a number of unique advantages to using Marketing Masters' clip nuts made from the high performance composite thermoplastic called Torlon, over the old-style clip nuts made from Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Titanium, including…


  • Corrosion Free. Marketing Masters’ composite clip nuts will not corrode and will not scratch your structures' primer or plating during clip installation and/or removal.  
  • High Strength. Torlon® exhibits outstanding mechanical strength and durability, giving our clip nuts the ability to withstand extremely high torque loads. Marketing Masters’ composite clip nuts are as strong or stronger than traditional metal clip nuts, and can withstand torque loads in excess of 100 inch-pounds. This is nearly double the 60 inch-pound requirement common of metal clip nuts.
  • Lighter Weight. Clip nuts manufactured from Torlon® are considerably lighter than metal fasteners. Torlon® is 69% lighter than titanium and 50% lighter than aluminum.
  • Less Expensive. Composite Clip Nuts are also less expensive than metal clip nuts made from titanium, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Beveled Edge. Marketing Masters employs a lead in angle on their clip nuts, making it easier to slip the clip nut onto a structure’s edge.
  • Easy to install and remove. Since our clip nuts are spring loaded with an eyelet , they are easy to both install or uninstall.  Simply slide it onto the edge of the seat track and they snap into the installation hole, securely holding them in place on the structure. Conversely, Clip Nuts are spring-loaded and pop open easily without prying or using a screwdriver.
  • Chromate Free. Marketing Masters meet all EPA and European Union regulations, which mandates that all clip nuts and fasteners for aircraft and other applications must be free of chromium and/or chromate.
  • Chemical Resistance. A Torlon® composite fastener made with polyamide-imide, is virtually unaffected by aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons, and most acids at moderate temperatures.
  • Flame Resistant. Our composite fasteners pass FAA burn tests and meet stringent aerospace requirements in tests for flammability, smoke density, and toxic gas emission. Torlon® is used extensively in applications where flammability is a critical consideration.
  • Performance Up to 500°F. At high temperatures, Torlon® is stiffer and stronger than many similar high performance materials are at room temperature. It can be used at temperatures well beyond the limits of most other high performance plastics.

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